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With Me

There’s no doubt with my passion and dedication and attitude and effort we can accomplish great things together!  Here are 3 ways to you can work with me.

1 on 1 Coaching

60-minute training session is dedicated to improving your personal best and achieving your maximum potential day by day.

Small Group Training

Ok, I get you want to work out with some of close friends. No worries, I can do up groups of 10 people in small group training. Please ask about group discount and pricing.

Online Fitness Class

Online Coaching

There are two types of programs (8 weeks & 12 weeks) training plans available. That included 24/7 email support, weekly grocery list, fully personalized nutrition and training plan.

Nutrition Coach

The notion “you are what you eat” is a very true statement. Nutrition is more important than exercise. It simply is not possible to out train a bad diet. I would highly say 80% of your results come from proper diet and nutrition.

If you get your nutrition down pack and it’s almost impossible to fail…

You’ll receive your customized training plan within 48 hours.
I will take everything into account in developing completely customized nutrition based on your specific needs.

If you’re ready to take your nutrition and training to the next level, I’m ready to help you achieve your goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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