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Vienna, Austria

July 30, 2017

If you had been following me on social media, you likely saw my whirlwind trip to Vienna, Austria last year… Football, Hiking, and killer food.

In a few months full of surprises (and winning another Championship, of course), I had the unique opportunity to join my bro Kevin Burke for the Austria experience of a lifetime. Joining The Dacia Vienna Vikings of Austria (American football club) in their journey to capture another Austrian Bowl Championship.

I had an absolute unreal experience meeting new lifelong friends, competing in a unique style of football and ending the day (literally every single day; ask Kevin lol) with a glass of authentic Viennese wine.

I highly suggest you check out the city of Vienna – but prepare to be awed. Whether in the historic city center, in the traditional wine taverns or on the other side of the Danube: Vienna is full of architectural highlights.

In the end, we concluded the experience with a 45-26 win over Swarco Raiders. We partied, we drank, we partied, and we drank. Because that is what you do when you win.I cannot thank Vikings enough for including me on this incredible journey! This trip was one for the books and I cannot wait to get back to Vienna!
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