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Wide Back Wednesdays

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Little in the middle but he got much back … baby got back! But not the back you’re thinking about. Thick, wide, ripped would describe someone’s dream back. The V-Taper that make your waist look tiny is ultimate goal of anyone! The back is a large body part, made up of…

• Trapezius

• Rhomboids

• Latissimus dorsi

• Erector spinae

So many different movements can build your back, so it requires a lot of proper planning to build a routine that generates great results.

• Large, but not overdeveloped, traps that establish the upper back.

• Wide lats that extend low down the torso, creating that priceless V-taper.

• Bulky rhomboids that create the “creased valleys” when flexed.

• Clear development and separation in the teres major muscles and infraspinatus.

• A thick, “Christmas tree” structure in the lower back.

This article will detail five top-notch back exercises to mix them into your routine to switch things up and keep your muscles guessing!

1. Pull-Ups

2. Dumbbell 1-Arm Row

3. Wide Grip Lat Pull-Down

4. Seated Cable Row (D-Grip Attachment)

5. ISO Lat Pull Down

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